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About M&J

Everything behind the M&J brand has meaning and a story behind it. At our core, Montie & Joie is all about connection. It all started with a childhood connection that led Sydney to partner with her mother, Terrell, in this venture of making a difference and meeting wonderful people along the way.

In February 2018, Sydney made her way to Guatemala determined to learn Spanish. Her nanny (the type that feels like a second mother) was from Guatemala and as her English worsened, they were slowly losing touch. As the nanny approached her senior years, Sydney realized she had never really heard her story and was intrigued to inquire about it. This led Sydney to embark on a journey to learn Spanish in her nanny’s country of origin. Little did Sydney know that this little desire for connection with one special person would shift the trajectory of her life forever.

Once in Guatemala, Sydney found a rich community of talented artisans that inspired her to build M&J with the intention of creating opportunities for women in underdeveloped countries to inspire the world through their art while earning a better living for their families. Giving these women opportunities for worldwide connection has since been M&J’s purpose.